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Naked cartel women

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I suspect that this was done for effect especially as the torsos could not be accommodated by the barrel. And the unarmed people of Mexico are all just along for the ride, waiting for the lights to come on, and the horror show to be over.

May be some native Spanish speakers can help out? The locals somehow caught them and drag them out for a dose of public humiliation. Tribal nude video. Naked cartel women. Woman second from the right was a halcona a hawk, aka a lookout. Just like with everything else in life, the most compassion and mercy was shown to the hot one. One similar thought ran trough my mind while watching them chop the bodies up, I tried to imagine myself in a similar situation but I am not the on to resort to violence and I kind of realized that showing any sort of weakness during these types of executions would probably get you killed as well.

Why do Mexicans only chop up women with nice titts? Have Mexican politicians emerged in that role? I felt a different vibe from this one. I have no idea if she has mental health problems or was roasted on some synthetic shite. Some fucked-up bitches down there. In lieu of a straight hero, who will be the anti-hero? BB…Lol you you bringing Sera quil with you for sloppy 3some.

Adds to the entertainment value i suppose. Sexy chubby girls. Is it because this is the kind of shit they saw, that made them come to this conclusion? Or cartel commandos on a highway with a. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. No, create an account now.

The woman allowed to wear clothes is chopped in the back of her neck with a huge axe. It looks like they have the metal barrel on hot coals, I am also going to bet that it is a lye solution. I hope the feminists are happy, because of their constant screaming about there not being enough women allowed into male dominated areas the Mexican Cartels are now having to meet a politically correct quota by executing women as well.

Mexican Cartel slut stabs and guts guy and seems to get a wet pussy doing it. Definitely makes a statement. Three captives appear to be women, two are executed naked. Or military forces in a bunker with a license to torture? Also I have written the name of deputy Jose Luis who is always helping you.

P of "The Cartel" - "This isn't Barrera's first venture into 'bodies as public relations'. Edit Comment She won't be yanking on any penises for a few days. The women kneel in the dirt as a group of masked, heavily armed gunmen stand in threatening poses behind them. Myanna buring nude pics. Five human heads roll across the black and white tiled floor.

Naked cartel women

In Cameroon, instead of taking care of their husbands, two married women seduced a local pastor and had a threesome with him.

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Once at the front of the line, she frantically explained to an American officer what had happened with her husband, and what would have happened to her daughter if she stayed.

As the militias formalized and gained legitimacy, they also faced repeated accusations of colluding with the enemy they swore to rise up in arms against. Nude snapchat pics leaked. I am a little worried about the fact that I will be bringing a large amount of prescription medication including narcotic pain and sleeping pills.

The video, apparently filmed in a morgue, shows a corpse of a woman who had already been autopsied, get her skull reopened to show the hollow filled with a rag on camera. While being lightly slapped, the woman got also stripped, but instead of fighting stripping back, she seemed to enjoy it — rape fantasy almost fulfilled.

Watching it I imagined someone just stumbling upon their filming session, that would be a shitty end of the day. Also I have written the name of deputy Jose Luis who is always helping you. Violence against women 'pandemic' in Mexico Veracruz-based Notiver later reported that at least 28 of the 35 cadavers found thrown on the road, several of whom were naked teenage girls, were innocent and had no criminal ties whatsoever.

A few weeks ago, five bloodied men and one woman were found alive, abandoned along a roadside in Tlaquepaque in the state of Jalisco with their hands—discovered nearby in a plastic bag—chopped off. Naked cartel women. The Zetas then proceeded with the traditional Narco dismemberment. The locals somehow caught them and drag them out for a dose of public humiliation. Are they simply born with out consciences? Mexicans are almost incompetent when it comes to beheading.

To all the population who are thinking of joining these bastards, we remind you that here in ''el Golfo'' we are straights and workers, not as you motherfuckers, you haven't recognized your mistakes you son of a bitches. World's most brutal sex game! Torsos were too large to fit in. Black bbw pussy xxx. Some fucked-up bitches down there.

I would want to film from the very beginning. One of them appears to be an aged and a little heavier woman so she got to keep her top on. Beyond the staggering death toll, and rate of disappearances in Mexico, one of the more chilling effects of the violence affecting just about every corner of the country is the cultural effect that more than a decade of pervasive violence has had on children and young people who have never been exposed to peace.

P of "The Cartel" - "The four men grab her, strip the dress from her and pin her onto one of the tables I wondered if anyone was gonna have one more go at the snatches of those two naked women but alas….

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I'll refer to it, but I can't write it. I have a list, and I have written for example Homero Trevos civil defense commander who gives notices of the tactical movements of SEDENA Mexican armyFelipe "la Pona" who is at the fiscal office giving permission to ilegal vehicles so they can move freely. The visual of it compliments all that talk of feminism around here yesterday. Or, he said, he could deport her right now.

Hold on you motherfucker, in the list I mentioned, I also have written the name of your cousin ''el Barritas', your wife ''la Panzona'' and all the poeple who help you.

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I understand the video is from the birthplace of the former US president. Is this your first time? I think nobody in here would do this type of nasty and traumatizing shit.

Got Something To Say Asshole? If you take it at a high enough dose, it will relieve the anxiety, insomnia, and that overall coming out of your skin feeling. P - "Pablo's next call is to a headless body hanging from its feet off the Bridge of Dreams Mexican authorities find 49 mutilated bodies dumped on northern highway Bald with a patch. Amazing big natural tits. But only the pretty ones have their heads cut off. The shelter gave me clothes, and my daughter is being fed.

What tho fock are you saying my man? A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't. Claudia molina nude pics World's most brutal sex game! Sound like the so-called Islamic State?

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