Claw, Roots, Dry Pump For Pharmacy with Flush Tank

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Claw roots dry vacuum pump is an advanced vacuum pump that is based on the claw technology. It is designed to deliver high performance, reliability, and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

The claw roots dry vacuum pump works on the principle of two rotors that turn in opposite directions inside a housing. The rotors have claws that interlock and create a series of gas pockets that move from the inlet to the outlet of the pump. As the gas pockets move, the volume between them decreases, compressing the gas and creating a vacuum.

One of the advantages of the claw roots dry vacuum pump is that it does not use oil or water for lubrication. This makes it a clean and environmentally friendly option, as well as reducing the need for maintenance and the risk of contamination.

The claw roots dry vacuum pump is also designed to be energy efficient, with low power consumption and high pumping speeds. It can handle high volumes of gas at low pressures, making it ideal for applications such as vacuum conveying, packaging, and drying.

In addition, the claw roots dry vacuum pump is designed to be robust and durable, with minimal wear and tear on its parts. This means that it can operate continuously for long periods of time without the need for maintenance or repair.

Claw Root pump also comes with a optional flush tank. The flush tank is filled with suitable chemical dissolving solvents Which can be used to flush and clean Vacuum pump from the inside. This cleaning process is included in the automation so that every time the pump is cleaned with the solvent after every cycle.

Overall, the claw roots dry vacuum pump is a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly option for a wide range of industrial applications. Its advanced technology, combined with its durability and low maintenance requirements, make it a popular choice for businesses looking for a high-performance vacuum pump solution.