Rectangular Chamber Vacuum Oven

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When uniform temperature and precise process gas environment are critical, the Global Vacuum GC series, Vacuum Oven fits the bill.

The GC Series vacuum oven maintains accurate temperature control up to 350 °C (662° F) with its HTP model. The unique, “Hot Wall” chamber configuration is heated uniformly on all sides with a resistive heater bank assembly to create an exact heating environment while allowing full use of the interior of the oven.

Both the GC-26 and GC-36 models are fitted with 23.3 cfm dual stage direct drive mechanical vacuum pumping system and the GC48 includes a 42.4cfm pump.

Available in various high-vacuum configurations to fit your needs, GC series ovens are capable of any degree of vacuum from atmosphere to 10 -8 torr.

Standard cycle times can be greatly reduced by utilizing the GC Series Vacuum Oven’s efficient circulating process gas cycle. The programmable control system option with stirring fan is a cost efficient solution for busy processing environments.

The GC Series vacuum oven incorporates varying degrees of automation ranging from our standard PLC control with data logging and graphic HMI to full computer control.

Typical Applications:

  • Vacuum Drying
  • Custom process
  • Outgassing
  • Purification
  • Bake-out

Temperature Capabilities

  • 200 °C (392° F) continuous
  • 350° C (662° F) continuous (HTP Model)

Time to temperature

  • 25 minutes under vacuum
  • 35 minutes in atmosphere

Vacuum Pumping Systems

23.3 cfm two-stage rotary vane mechanical pump package with electro-pneumatic valve (42.4 cfm on GC-48 model)


  • Upgraded pumping systems : Mechanical, dry, diffusion, cryogenic, and turbo-molecular
  • Mechanically refrigerated, optically-dense, cold trap in roughing line or liquid nitrogen cryotrap in high-vacuum line (for prevention of hydrocarbon contamination )
  • Vacuum Ranges

    • Mechanical Pump, Standard-atmosphere to 35 microns
    • Dry Pump (oil free) - atmosphere to 35 microns
    • Mechanical/ Diffusion Pumps – atmosphere to 1.0× 10 -6 torr
    • Mechanical / Cryo Pumps- atmosphere to 1.0×10 -7 torr
    • Mechanical / Turbo Pumps - atmosphere to 1.0×10 -7 torr

    Operating Pressure Range

    • Atmosphere to 10 -8 torr
    • Working pressure at maximum temperature : 10 -8 torr to 1 atmosphere

    System Controls

    • Color Touch Panel Operator Interface. PLC allows programmable ramps and soaks, vacuum set points, gas back fills, and automatically executes system overhead functions such as pump downs and vents. Capable of data logging
    • +/- 1 degree controllability
    • Active graphic vacuum map with instant overview of valve status and vacuum pump conditions on PLC
    • Independent programmable digital over-temperature control
    • Digital vacuum gauge with a readable range from atmosphere to .001 torr vacuum pressure on PLC
    • PLC controlled cycle timers and counters

    Available: Automated control systems

    • Full PC control system, utilizing PLC, PC and HMI software technology. The system affords superior data aquisition and archiving capabilities.
    • Multiple survey thermocouples

    Gas Backfill and Circulating/ Stirring System

    Inert gas inlet and vent valve for backfill and venting cycles


    • 5 HP stirring fan for gas circulation processes
    • Closed-loop, multi-channel, upstream gas flow control with downstream pressure control


    All Stainless steel construction


    • Custom shelving arrangement
    • Heated shelving

    Available work zones

    GC-26 26 ̎ W × 26 ̎ H × 26 ̎ D
    GC-36 36 ̎ W × 36 ̎ H × 36 ̎ D
    GC-48 48 ̎ W × 48 ̎ H × 48 ̎ D
    Custom chamber sizes and configurations available.
    • "Hot wall" chamber configuration with insulated resistive heater bank attached to the exterior of the chamber
    • Heated on all six sides, including door (door not heated on HTP model)
    • Working pressure: Atmosphere to 10 -8 torr


    • Chamber and controls are enclosed in a mild steel epoxy, enamel covered enclosure
    • All models available in clean room compatible configurations or in all-stainless steel enclosures

    Safety Features

    All Global Vacuum products, Inc. products are equipped with standard safety features to ensure safe operation