Oil Lubricated vacuum Pumps

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Oil lubricated vacuum pumps have long been a reliable and versatile solution for numerous industries and applications. With their ability to maintain high levels of vacuum, handle various gases and vapors, and deliver continuous operation, these pumps play a crucial role in essential processes such as manufacturing, research, and healthcare. Below, we delve into the working principle, advantages, and applications of oil lubricated vacuum pumps.

Working Principle:

Oil lubricated vacuum pumps operate on a simple but effective principle. The pump chamber is partially filled with oil, which creates a seal between the rotating components and the vacuum environment. As the pump operates, the spinning rotor displaces the oil, causing a vacuum to be created in the chamber. This vacuum effectively draws gases and vapors into the pump, where they are compressed and expelled through the exhaust.

Advantages of Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps:

1. High Vacuum Levels: Oil lubricated vacuum pumps are known for their ability to achieve and maintain high levels of vacuum, making them suitable for applications where low-pressure environments are required.

2. Continuous Operation: One of the key advantages of oil lubricated vacuum pumps is their ability to deliver continuous operation without overheating. The oil acts as a lubricant, dissipating heat generated during the compression process and ensuring efficient performance.

3. Handling Various Gases: These pumps are well-suited for handling a wide range of gases and vapors, making them versatile in diverse industries. From extracting moisture in freeze- drying processes to capturing harmful chemicals in laboratory fume hoods, oil lubricated vacuum pumps can effectively handle various substances.

4. Low Maintenance: With proper care and regular oil changes, oil lubricated vacuum pumps can have long service lives. They typically require fewer maintenance interventions and can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to dry vacuum pumps.


1. Manufacturing: Oil lubricated vacuum pumps are extensively used in manufacturing processes such as vacuum molding, plastic extrusion, and packaging. They help maintain a controlled environment, remove unwanted air pockets, and promote product quality and consistency.

2. Laboratories and Research: These pumps are essential in laboratories for experiments requiring vacuum conditions. By creating a controlled atmosphere, oil lubricated vacuum pumps aid in sample preparation, chemical distillation, and rotary evaporation.

3. Healthcare: Oil lubricated vacuum pumps are employed in healthcare settings for medical vacuum applications. They play an instrumental role in supporting suction devices used during surgery, patient care, and medical waste disposal.

4. Environmental Remediation: Oil lubricated vacuum pumps are utilized in environmental cleanup operations, such as groundwater monitoring and soil vapor extraction. They help in removing or extracting contaminants from the subsurface, preventing further pollution.

Oil lubricated vacuum pumps offer reliable and continuous operation, making them a vital tool in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to healthcare and environmental remediation. Their ability to attain high levels of vacuum, handle various gases, and provide long-term growth makes them an indispensable asset for industries requiring precise control over pressure environments. As technology advances, oil lubricated vacuum pumps are likely to continue evolving, providing even greater efficiency and performance in the years to come.

Product Ranges:

  • 10m3 , 16m3, 25m3 ,40m3 , 65m3 , 100m3 ,120m3
  • Ultimate total pressure with gas ballast 5X10-1 mbar
  • Ultimate total pressure without gas ballast 9X10-2 mbar