Transformer Oil Filtration Unit

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Transformer (Insulating) Oil act as a medium for insulation in the transformer, circuit breaker, high voltage instruments, etc. Transformer Oil is required to be filtered before use and even filtration is required after periodical time. Filtration helps in removal of Moisture content, Dissolved Gases, Acidity, Sludge, Corrosion and other unwanted impurities, thus it helps transformer oil to improve its dielectric strength and Moisture content removal in transformer oil.

Transformer oil filtration is a process used to remove impurities, such as water, dirt, and other particulate matter, from the oil used in transformers. This is critical for ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of transformers. Impurities in transformer oil can lead to reduced efficiency, increased downtime, and even costly equipment failures. Therefore, regular oil filtration and maintenance are essential for optimal transformer performance.

The setup for transformer oil filtration includes several components. Firstly, there is the oil filtration system itself, which consists of an oil filtration unit, pumps, heat exchanger, and filters. The filtration unit is typically a stationary or mobile skid-mounted unit, often equipped with vacuum dehydration and degasification capability. The pumps are used to circulate the oil through the filtration unit, while the heat exchanger is used to control the oil's temperature during filtration. The filters remove impurities from the oil.

The process for transformer oil filtration is straightforward. Initially, the filtration unit is set up correctly, and the necessary pumps, filters, and heat exchangers are connected appropriately. The transformer oil is then pumped from the transformer into the filtration unit. Once the oil enters the filtration system, it is heated and degassed using a vacuum pump and degasification chamber to remove gasses, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

The oil is then passed through multiple filters of various porosity sizes, which trap any solid particles or impurities present in the oil. These filters can range from coarse mesh screens to fine microporous filters, depending on the level of impurities present.

After completing the filtration process, the oil is inspected to ensure it meets the desired specifications and is free of impurities. The oil is then pumped back into the transformer, and the filtration system is cleaned and prepared for the next use.

Transformer oil filtration is a crucial process required to keep transformers running smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance and filtration can extend transformer life, reduce costs associated with equipment failure, and reduce downtime. The setup and process for transformer oil filtration do require specialized equipment and expertise, so it is essential to work with qualified professionals and experienced grounding companies to ensure optimal performance of the transformer and filtration system.


  • Skid
  • Roller
  • Solid Rubber Tyre
  • Pneumatic automobile Tyre


  • PLC and HMI Control Panel and automation
  • Print Out for Vacuum, Temperature and PPM
  • Online Particle Counter with Printer
  • Online Moisture Content Measurement Meter
  • Digital Pirani Gauge
  • Any other automation required for factory operation like Cut out after certain liters, Auto Stop after achievement of PPM, Auto valve operation, etc.