Economical Vacuum Furnace

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The Global Vacuum Furnace System are the high temperature technically advanced vacuum furnace to satisfy all your heat-treating needs. Within the stainless steel of the vacuum furnace are two cubic foot work zone capable of holding up to 80kgs of material for tempering, austenitizing, hardening, stress relieving, brazing, sintering, bonding, annealing, and many other custom heat treating processes

Obtaining perfectly heat - treated product is easy with our vacuum Furnace. With our standard electro-pneumatically operated “heat pack” door shield assembly, a precision heating environment is created for optimum temperature uniformity, which is ideal for annealing and tempering processes. With its inert gas on board quick cool system the metallurgical gas quench increases your cycle times by rapidly cooling the chamber and increasing your product output. And our specially designed Hot Zone-to-chamber ratio in our vacuum furnaces enables the pumping system to reach vacuum quicker, maximizing your productivity and work quality with a clean work environment.

The Vacuum Furnace system, is a cost cutting machine. Their color touch panel PLC control technology, is a completely automated control system requiring an operator to only load and unload the system and press the start button.

The system is completely contained unit with no exposed wires, cables or pumps. This saves your valuable floor space and provides a clean presentation in your facility. The Vacuum furnace system is easy to install and simple and fast to maintain with the fully removable hot zone.

Temperature Capabilities and Controllability

  • 10 series 1000°C (1832°F)
  • 13 series 1315°C (2400°F)
  • 14.5 series 1415°C (2650°F)
  • 16.5 series 1650°C (3000°F)
  • 20 series 2000°C (3632°F) (On Request)
  • +/- 1 degree controllability
  • Nominally +/- 5°C temperature uniformity
  • SCR Power Supply regulation
  • Single zone heat control with independent PID loop control

Vacuum Pumping System

  • Standard pump down time
    • To 0.1 Torr 7 minutes
  • 42.4 cfm mechanical pump


  • Mechanical pump roots blower packages

Inert Gas and Quick Cool System

  • 10 HP blower- 4,200 cfm free air displacement
  • Gas/water heat exchanger
  • 18 flow channels directing quick-cool gas onto workload
  • Integral with furnace chamber, no externally mounted components

Available: Multiple process gas capability

System Controls

  • Color Touch Panel Operator Interface. PLC allows programmable ramps and soaks, vacuum set points, gas back fills, and automatically executes system overhead functions such as pump downs and vents. Capable of data logging
  • Over-temperature control
  • Digital vacuum display
  • Center of load thermocouple standard
  • Emergency stop


  • Multiple-survey thermocouples
  • Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
  • Multiple- channel color strip chart recorder

Operating Pressure Range

  • High –Vacuum to 2 bar (higher pressures available)
  • Working pressure at maximum temperature : high-vacuum to 1 torr (higher pressures at temperature available )
  • Capable of pressures between atmosphere and 2 bar ( for quick cool use)
  • 6 bar quench available

Hot Zone Construction

  • Usable work zone 12 ̎ W × 12 ̎ H × 24 ̎ D
  • Usable work zone volume of 2 cubic feet
  • Work load capacity 200 lbs (higher capacity available)
  • Round, horizontally- mounted hot zone, comprised of six (6) high temp/ low resistance molybdenum 2 ̎ band heater elements
  • Heat shielding is composed of graphite insulation in stainless steel containment and an electro-pneumatically operated “Heat Pack “ door shield assembly
  • Complete hot zone is easily removable as a unit for fast maintenance and less down time.
  • Molybdenum hearth assembly is 12 ̎ W × 24 ̎ D


  • Graphite and tungsten heating elements
  • Molybdenum insulation in stainless steel containment


  • All stainless steel construction including head-end closure and water- jacketing
  • Dual- wall chamber configuration designed to allow complete water-to-surface contact
  • Stainless steel dual-wall, water-cooled door
  • Water cooling for power feed-thru is external to vacuum chamber, eliminating the possibility of water leaking into the chamber
  • Six clamp over center pneumatic clamp/ locking door
  • Working pressure : Full vacuum to 2-bar ( higher pressures available)

Safety Features

All Global Vacuum products, Inc. products are equipped with standard safety features to ensure safe operation